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Some Answers Are Not So Hard In The Copyright Debate. Or Are They?

One of my favorite sports columnists is Joe Posnanski who writes for Sports Illustrated and periodically, for the Kansas City Star.  But, as insightful and funny as he is about sports and life, he’s not the first place to turn for intellectual property issues.  I don’t … Continue reading

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A Stunning Confession Potentially Destroys Fariey’s Fair Use Defense

Despite depictions in TV shows and the movies, most court cases do not involve dramatic confessions, cover ups and Presidential politics.  Of course, most court cases don’t involve Stephen Fairey.  From pasting the Obey Giant (now his Twitter name) and other “Obey” posters on public property … Continue reading

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Fraud On The Trademark Office Isn’t What It Used To Be — In re Bose Corp.

With the stroke of a quill pen pulled from their cap or with the tap of a keyboard, the Federal Circuit may have relegated an intensely litigated and debated line of fraud cases to the ancient history books.  Likewise, it may yet … Continue reading

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Would You Like An Obama Cigar? We Think The USPTO Will Say: “No You Can’t!”

Co-author:  Branden Gregory (more on him later) We admit that we love trademarks enough that we can pass time away with our feet propped up while running random searches on the USPTO’s database of trademark applications.  Sure this time might be better … Continue reading

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Christie’s Dilemma When Buyer Refuses To Pay

If you are an average Joe the plumber who happens to have an extra $40 million laying around to bid on an item or two at an auction and you don’t pay, the auction company will sue you and will likely win.  … Continue reading

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No Legal Basis For The Return Of The Chinese Bronzes

It is not surprising to find drugs and fashion in bed together and last week was no different.  Opium, a rat, a rabbit, and a  fashion house took center stage at the “Sale of the Century”.  Even those whose art budget leans towards items … Continue reading

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