How To Find & Monetize Valuable Copyrights On University Campuses

Copyright licensing is probably the last thing on students’ minds as they return to college campuses across the country.  Yet with the increasingly difficult financial problems facing universities, there has been a renewed urgency to find ways to monetize inventions, discoveries and other work coming out of academia.

Technology transfer offices and the school’s legal counsel are adept at obtaining patents and shopping those patents around, but not as much thought has been given to other intellectual property such as copyrights and “know-how” generated by academia.

I had the good fortune recently of getting to talk  at an AUTM conference — the Association of University Technology Managers — about how some universities are successfully monetizing their copyrights.  Click here for the presentation slides.

I would be interested in hearing about companies or universities who have taken another look at their copyrights and are discovering ways to monetize them.


About Dave Rein

Dave Rein focuses on and will continue to focus on copyright, trademark and patent litigation until the National Geographic adds him to its staff of photographers. In addition to counseling and litigating on behalf of the firm’s clients, he also helps clients through the Kansas City Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts where he also serves as a board member. Prior to representing clients, Dave clerked for a federal district court judge who kindly provided invaluable advice and mentorship
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