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Frisbee And Picking The Perfect Trademark

Pluto is no longer a planet.  It is also no longer the name of the flying disc now know as a Frisbee, but which was once known as “Pluto’s Platter.”  I stumbled upon that bit of trivia in reading about the … Continue reading

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Who Dat? The NFL And Trademarks.

Whether you were looking for false advertising claims on the Super Bowl commercials, roving the streets of Miami looking for counterfeit merchandise or just enjoying the game, the Super Bowl had a little something for everyone. The NFL even threw those who have a special … Continue reading

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You Chose: Four Years Of Litigation Or Taking Care Of The Copyright Portfolio

As one of my daughters has discovered Calvin & Hobbes cartoons, I wonder whether she’ll be inspired to try some of Calvin’s outlandish ideas such as barreling down a steep hillside and over the abyss in a red wagon or if … Continue reading

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