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What To Do Before Posting Your Photographs On Facebook (Or Anywhere Else)

Either this week or next, Facebook will make it official that it will follow its new terms of use — the legal stuff buried in a link at the bottom of the homepage entitled “Terms“.  Who cares? If you are a writer, … Continue reading

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Can Google Sell Trademarks As Keywords To Trigger Advertising?

If I search for “Delta Airlines” on Google so I can book my flight to Washington D.C. to see the cherry blossoms, can Google sell American Airlines the “Delta” trademark as a keyword to ensure that American’s advertisement appears with my search results?  It does not appear … Continue reading

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How Far Do You Go To Enforce Your Trademarks?

George Carlin’s list of words you could not say on television is among the classics.  Although the list has evolved over time, the NCAA has another list of words that is vying for attention when you talk about men’s college basketball. This list applies, … Continue reading

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