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Can Contract Law Tame Public Art Controversies?

The story of a thirty-two foot tall blue demon with glowing red eyes that that killed its famous creator and greets those arriving at the Denver airport was picked up nationally by the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and other newspapers.  “Demon” is a … Continue reading

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When Celebrities Hang Out At The Pawnshop

It is no secret that banks large and small pulled the Persian rug (perhaps a green one for St. Patrick’s Day) out from art buyers who sought to finance their purchases with a loan.  The Wall Street Journal noted this trend back in April … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Barbie! Things I Learned From Barbie . . .

Barbie, the iconic doll who lines the shelves of big box and mom-and-pop toy stores everywhere, celebrates her 50th birthday today.  I was more of a G.I. Joe kid growing up, but I’ll be the first to admit that Barbie has done more for … Continue reading

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Christie’s Dilemma When Buyer Refuses To Pay

If you are an average Joe the plumber who happens to have an extra $40 million laying around to bid on an item or two at an auction and you don’t pay, the auction company will sue you and will likely win.  … Continue reading

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